Assoc. Prof. İlkay Şensoy


Assoc. Prof. Dr. İlkay Şensoy


Middle East Technical University

Department of Food Engineering


06800 Ankara - TURKEY

E-mail: isensoy@metu.edu.tr

Tel: +90 (312) 210 56 47

Fax: +90 (312) 210 27 67




Ph.D. Ohio State University, USA, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 2002 
M.S.  Ohio State University, USA, Food Science and Technology, 1996 
B.S.: Middle East Technical University, Food Engineering,1992

Research Interest

Food extrusion

Recent Publications
  • Sensoy, I. A review on the relationship between food structure, processing and bioavailability. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. 2014, 54 (7): 902-909.
  • Caltinoglu, C.; Tonyalı, B. and Sensoy, I. Effects of tomato pulp addition on the extrudate quality parameters and effects of extrusion on the functional parameters of the extrudates. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2013, 49 (2), 587-594.

  • Sensoy, I., Sahin, S., Sumnu, G. Microwave Frying Compared with Conventional Frying via Numerical Simulation. Food and Bioprocess Technology. 2013, 6 (6): 1414-1419.