Information Days for Prospective Students

To learn more about our Department, you can visit our booth at Cultural and Convention center and attend our Presentation that will be held between 11:30 @ Conference Room A between July 19-July 23.

Detailed information could be found in http://www.adayogrenci.metu.edu.tr/ankara/odtu-tanitim-gunleri-2017 .

If you want to visit the Department  and have more information , our faculty and reserach assistants are available to guide you. Below are the contact people for departmental information :

Assist. Prof. Halil Mecit Öztop (Room 122, mecit@metu.edu.tr)

Research Assistant Emrah Kirtil (Room AZ 16, ekirtil@metu.edu.tr)

Reserach Assistant Ayca Aydoğdu ( Room AZ 16, aaydogdu@metu.edu.tr )