Prof. Behiç Mert

Prof. Dr. Behiç Mert


Middle East Technical University

Department of Food Engineering

114, Z-07

06800 Ankara - TURKEY 

E-mail: bmert@metu.edu.tr

Tel:  +90 (312) 210 57 80

Fax: +90 (312) 210 27 67



PhD, Purdue Unıversıty, Biological Systems Engineering

MSc, Michigan State University, Department of Food Science

B.S, Middle East Technical University, Department of Food Engineering

Research Interest

Product development, Food rheology, Food ingredients, Food texture

Recent Publications
  • Demirkesen, I., Mert, B., Sumnu, G., & Sahin, S. (2010). Utilization of chestnut flour in gluten-free bread formulations. Journal of Food Engineering, 101(3), 329-336.
  • Abiad, M. G., Gonzalez, D. C., Mert, B., Campanella, O. H., & Carvajal, M. T. (2010). A novel method to measure the glass and melting transitions of pharmaceutical powders. International journal of pharmaceutics, 396(1), 23-29.
  • Bigikocin, E., Mert, B., & Alpas, H. (2011). Effect of high hydrostatic pressure and high dynamic pressure on stability and rheological properties of model oil-in-water emulsions. High Pressure Research, 31(3), 462-474.
  • Mert, B. (2012). Using high pressure microfluidization to improve physical properties and lycopene content of ketchup type products. Journal of Food Engineering, 109(3), 579-587.
  • Mert, B., Erinc, H., Sahin, K., & Tekin, A. (2013). Rheological and Microscopic Properties of Fat Blends with Similar Solid Fat Content but Different Trans Composition. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, 90(1), 17-26.
  • Mert, B., Tekin, A., Demirkesen, I., & Kocak, G. (2014). Production of Microfluidized Wheat Bran Fibers and Evaluation as an Ingredient in Reduced Flour Bakery Product. Food and Bioprocess Technology, 7(10), 2889-2901.
  • Ketenoglu, O., Mert, B., & Tekin, A. (2014). Effects of Microfluidized Dietary Fibers on Stability Properties of Emulsions. Journal of Texture Studies, 45(4), 295-306.
  • Turhan, O., Isci, A., Mert, B., Sakiyan, O., & Donmez, S. (2015). Optimization of Ethanol Production from Microfluidized Wheat Straw by Response Surface Methodology. Preparative Biochemistry and Biotechnology.
  • Cikrikci, S., I. Demirkesen, and B. Mert. "Production of hazelnut skin fibres and utilisation in a model bakery product." Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods (2015): 1-12.