Prof. Servet Gülüm Şumnu


Prof. Dr. Servet Gülüm Şumnu


Middle East Technical University

Department of Food Engineering


06800 Ankara - TURKEY

E-mail: gulum@metu.edu.tr

Tel: +90 (312) 210 56 28

Fax: +90 (312) 210 27 67




Ph.D. Middle East Technical University, Food Engineering, 1997 
M.S.  Middle East Technical University, Food Engineering, 1994 
B.S. Middle East Technical University, Food Engineering,1991

Research Interest

  • Microwave Processing (Baking, Drying, Extraction, Frying and Thawing)
  • Encapsulation
  • Sustainable Packaging

Recent Publications

1. (2019) Aydogdu A. , Yıldız E. , Aydogdu Y., Sumnu G. , Şahin S. , Ayhan Z. .Enhancing oxidative stability of walnuts by using gallic acid loaded lentil flour based electrospun nanofibers as active packaging material. FOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS, 95: 245-255 (2019).

2. (2019) Kocakulak, S., Sumnu, G., Sahin, S. Chickpea flour-based biofilms containing gallic acid to be used as active edible films JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, 136: 26  (2019).

3. (2018) Akdeniz, B.,  Sumnu, G., Sahin, S. Microencapsulation of phenolic compounds extracted from onion (Allium cepa) skin. JOURNAL OF FOOD PROCESSING AND PRESERVATION Volume: 42 (7)     Article Number: e13648   (2018).

4. (2017) Tekin, E., Sahin, S., Sumnu, G. Physicochemical, rheological, and sensory properties of low-fat ice cream designed by double emulsions. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF LIPID SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 119(9): 1-9 (2017).

5. (2016) Ozkahraman, B.C., Sumnu, G., Sahin, S. Effect of different flours on quality of legume cakes to be baked in microwave-infrared combination oven and conventional oven. JOURNAL OF FOOD SCİENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MYSORE  53 (3): 1567-1575 (2016).



Sahin S., Sumnu S.G., Hamamci H., İsci A., Sakiyan O. "Fluid Flow, Heat & Mass Transfer in Food Systems". Nobel Akademik Yayincilik (2016) 


Physical Properties of Foods

Sahin S. and Sumnu S.G. “Physical Properties of Foods”. Springer: New York (2006).


Edited books
Food Engineering Aspects of Baking Sweet Goods
1. Sumnu, S. G.. and Sahin S. “Food Engineering Aspects of Baking of Sweet
Goods: An Engineering Approach”. CRC Press-Taylor & Francis Group (2008).
Advances in Deep-Fat Frying of Foods 
2. Sahin S. and Sumnu S.G. “Deep Fat Frying”. CRC Press-Taylor & Francis Group (2008).